Should I follow Wedding Day tradition?

When you are planning a wedding there are so many things you do just because it is what has always been done. I know I did! I had the bouquet, I had the garter and I proudly wore a veil. But what I didn't know at the time was the silly meanings behind all these traditions, so sit back grab a coffee and let me enlighten you.

Now I'm not saying you should stop doing these things... If I got married tomorrow I would do them all again. I just want to help educate my couples and ensure they are including things in their day that are important to them. Be informed and just do you.


Women used to carry a bouquet of flowers to mask their odour. Spices were often added to the bouquet to worn off evil spirits.

TOSSING OF THE GARTER & BOUQUET Woman traditionally ripped the brides dress to try and access some of her good luck. The tossing of the garter/bouquet was introduced to stop the brides dress being torn and remains a symbol of good luck today.

GIVING AWAY Brides were given away by their fathers because they were considered property of their father up until their wedding ceremony.


This was to ensure he had quick access to his sword.


The Veil was believed to protect the bride from evil spirits and people wishing to curse the newlyweds.